Roger Nauth

Roger Nauth is the Founder and Managing Director of Elevation Gained Partners, a mid-market private equity and advisory firm focused on investments and growth in the technology and industrial sectors. Roger directs the firm’s strategy, operations and investment efforts, working with CEOs and private equity firms who need deal sourcing and due diligence support prior to closing buy-out and M&A transactions and post-acquisition services such as operational improvement, value creation, growth strategy and other EBITDA-increasing strategies.

Prior to Elevation Gained Partners, Roger was a partner with Sustainable Edge, a Boston-based consulting firm where he worked with the firm’s founder and managing director to help mid-market companies and select early and late stage ventures with strategy, operational improvement and capital raising support. Earlier in his career, Roger was a strategy consultant with Accenture, a senior manager at Forrester Research and a senior associate at Fiduciary Trust Company, an investment firm managing the assets and wealth of ultra high net worth families and select institutions.

Roger holds an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Babson College, a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science from Boston University, has taken and led graduate studies at Harvard University and currently is working on a Master of Science in Applied Analytics at Columbia University.