Strategic and Private Equity Advisory Services

For CEOs and Executives in Industrial, Energy, Technology and Financial Services Businesses and Principal Investors in Private Equity Firms

Unique Perspective

EGP brings four critical value creating perspectives to the table – the entrepreneur, the operator, the investor and the management consultant. Whereas most other private equity firms have limited combinations of these perspectives, we offer all of them.  

The Entrepreneur Perspective

We are entrepreneurs, innovators and founders who have co-founded numerous successful businesses. Entrepreneurs are visionary, resourceful and persistent. 

The Operator Perspective

We are operating executives and managers who have operated in Fortune 500 and small businesses. Operators are skilled at executing plans and creating value for investors. 

The Investor Perspective

We are private equity investors who have been portfolio managers and chief investment officers. Investors are able to manage risk and increase investment returns.

The Consultant Perspective

We have worked as management consultants who have served middle-market and Fortune 500 clients.  Consultants solve problems and define and drive value creation.

Advisory Services

We provide due diligence, growth strategy, value creation, fundraising and exit strategy services to CEOs in $50M-$500M revenue companies and large private equity firms with $500M-$1B in capital. Sectors of interest include technology, financial services, energy, and industrials. 

Deal Generation

Source deals through industry network, develop investment theses, and conduct commercial, operational, compliance and financial due diligence

Growth Strategy

Drive growth agendas and top-line increases for portfolio companies and other enterprises via organic initiatives as well as through merger and acquisition strategies

Value Creation

Increase EBITDA and drive margin expansion through extensive digital transformation, cost reductions, process improvements and organizational efficiencies

Capital & Exit

Maintain relationships with limited partner value investors, including multi-family offices, accredited high-net worth individuals, institutional investors and strategic buyers

Private Equity

Elevation Gained Partners seeks exceptional firms in industrial sectors. The 80+ years of combined management experience among our executive team allows us to not only navigate the complex business management process, but also makes us the ideal candidate for continuing a founder’s legacy.

Synergies Between Private Equity and Operating Company Advisory

Our business model is set up for success. We not only conduct proprietary deal-flow activities, but also source deals through our work with advisory clients. Even better, our management practices for portfolio companies are informed by our work with clients.

Strong Management and Private Equity Investment Track Record

Leveraging over 80 years of combined experience, our team has extensive operating management experience. We have also played roles on the buy and sell sides, including raising $10B+ in capital from family office and institutional investors.

Digital and Analytics in Establishing Value Creation Playbook

One competitive edge we have is our digital and analytics expertise, which we apply to everything we do. These skills help us gain an advantage in putting capital to its optimal use, sourcing deals and transforming portfolio companies into outstanding businesses.

Investment Criterion

We look for high potential businesses started by passionate founders.

EGP understands and respects the hard work that entrepreneurs have put into their businesses because we have started and grown our own businesses. We look for 4 core characteristics in our investments. 


Target businesses must be led by owners who founded the businesses and are now looking to retire or embark on new adventures. We prefer businesses where founders are open to earn-outs to ensure smooth business transitions. 

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Small Yet Scalable

We seek businesses with $5-20M in revenue that have a history of cash flow, preferably with EBITDA margins of 15-20%, and high potential for scale. Our investment strategy is especially focused on this “micro” private equity segment. 

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Industrial Sectors

We are especially excited by industrial businesses that have strong customer relationships and process and operational improvement opportunities. These companies often have physical assets and straightforward processes.

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M&A Potential 

While we are most interested in businesses with significant opportunities for organic growth, we do seek businesses that are in fragmented industries and thus good candidates for consolidation with competitors. 

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Our Collective Experience

We have had the pleasure of working with many of the most successful companies in the world, from early and late stage ventures to middle-market enterprises to Fortune 500 and global corporations.

Investment Thesis at Industrial Tech Company

Developed thesis for $1.7bln private equity investment in next generation IoT machine control companies by Fortune 1000 company

Value Realization at Midstream Energy Company

Led value realization program to reduce $90mln (5%) of capital expenditures through operational improvements at $2bln revenue energy company

Growth Acceleration at Middle-Market Software Company

Led growth acceleration program that increased revenues from $33mln to $56mln (70%) in 24 months for a mid-market energy software company

 Value Creation at Middle-Market Software Company

Led plan that doubled annual recurring revenue to $19mln from $9mln within 2 years at software and training company through operational transformation initiatives

Due Diligence on Technology Target for Private Equity Firm

Conducted commercial due diligence, including competitive and customer analysis, on $55mln revenue acquisition target for $18bln private equity firm

Value Creation Plan at Fortune 500 Fintech Carveout

Executed value creation playbook to eliminate $29mln (12%) of $240mln expenses charged to fintech company by former $21bln Fortune 500 parent

Digital Transformation for Financial Services Company

Produced action plan to digitize 45% of the manual processes in $86Bln Fortune 500 financial services company’s online checking and deposit account group

Technology Enablement at Healthcare Company

Eliminated $100mln expenses for medical record system at $80bln healthcare company, establishing effective scaling of technology platform

Our Team

Critical to our success is a core team of directors, advisors and associates that have spent time managing operations and investments, solving problems and leading teams at some of the world’s most successful firms and operating companies.

Roger Nauth

Managing Director

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Kevin Dutt


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Bonnie Pierce


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