Technology Private Equity & Operational Value Creation

for CEOs & Owners, Private Equity Firms and Family Offices Operating and Investing at the Intersection of NextGen Technology and Industrial Sectors

Advisory Services

Elevation Gained Partners provides strategic and operational guidance to executives and private equity investors in areas including deal sourcing, due diligence, strategic planning and execution, and cash flow monitoring and analysis.


M&A Due Diligence

Investment thesis development
Proprietary deal sourcing
Commercial and operational due diligence


Growth Strategy

Go-to-market strategy
Growth strategy

Strategic planning


Operational Execution

Business and operational process identification
Execution planning and management
Cash flow monitoring and analysis

Private Equity

Elevation Gained Partners sources middle-market investments on a proprietary basis through our extensive advisory client and operating executive relationships. We operate and improve technology and industrial businesses that have a high potential for providing an exceptional return to our investors. Our limited partner investors include family offices and high net worth individuals.


Proprietary Deal Sourcing

Thesis-driven approach
Analytics-focused deal sourcing
Operating executive experience


Operational Value Creation

Operating and board roles
Value creation execution
Growth and exit analysis


Investment Criterion

$8M to $20M annual revenue
15-20% EBITDA margins
Durable competitive advantage

Focus on Customer, Strategy, Process and Analytics

Core to our success are four critical elements that the businesses we buy, the businesses we advise and our own firm must all focus on to reach the highest elevation.



A focus on the customer must be the starting point of any successful investment thesis or advisory engagement. We leverage our industry research background to provide our clients and investors with customer insights to develop sound strategies.



Strategic planning, including both the extensive preparatory assessments and the follow-on operational planning are paramount for Elevation Gained Partners to source the right deals and design and execute successful value creation efforts.



While many private equity and advisory firms prefer staying high-level, we believe effective strategies and value for companies can only be created if we understand their operations through comprehensive internal assessments and process mapping.



We use our expertise in analytics to conduct due diligence on potential investments and determine the optimal value-creating strategies and improvements to drive in our private equity clients’ portfolio companies post-acquisition.

Advice & Investments in the

Technology Sector

Elevation Gained Partners has a strong heritage advising CEOs and private equity investors operating in and investing in the technology sectors.

Advice & Investments in the

Industrial Sector

We are passionate about advising and investing in companies that play in the industrial sectors, such as logistics, transportation and construction.


Our Experience & Engagements

Our partners, advisors and associates have experience doing due diligence and building investment theses, raising capital, leading and operating businesses, executing improvement opportunities to increase EBITDA, and evaluating exit opportunities for owners, founders and investors.


Top 20 Private Equity Firm Due Diligence on Technology Company Acquisition Target


Strategic Planning for Lower Middle-Market Cybersecurity Private Equity Portfolio Company


Market Sizing for Growth Strategy at Fortune 1000 Construction Software Company


Turn-Around Plan for Data Solution and Cost Reduction at $54B Health Care Company


Divestiture Assessment at Credit Technology Company and $13B Fortune 500 Parent


Value Creation and Program Management at $2B Traditional Energy Company


Business Planning and Modeling for New Growth Markets at Middle-Market Software Company


Market Modeling for Real Assets Division of $2B Diversified Industrial Technology Company


Fundraising Support for Blockchain Spin-out of Successful Grocery Delivery Company


Strategic and Technology Partnership Evaluation for Last-Mile Logistics Company


Due Diligence on Mid-Market Family-Owned Freight Company in Southwest United States


Commercial Due Diligence on Managed Security Service Provider Target for Top 100 PE Firm


Clients and investors work with us because of our unique value proposition.

We offer a better alternative to the traditional, broken private equity model.

Independent Sponsor Funded by Advisory

Traditional private equity firms charge a 2% management fee that general partners receive long before they have done a deal for their limited partner investors. We operate under the independent sponsor model so we fund the search and selection of every acquisition. It means we can be patient and that means better investments for our investors and the right deal for owners selling their businesses.

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Strategists & Operators, Not Investment Bankers

Most private equity shops are comprised primarily of former investment bankers who worked on the sell-side on transactions before earning their way to private equity. But these bankers don’t typically understand how to create a strategic value creation plan and then operate and execute that plan to drive sustainable increases in EBITDA. We have been laser-focused on strategy and operations for decades.

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Analytics Applied to Due Diligence & Value Creation

While only the largest private equity funds are now using advanced analytics in their operations, we leverage analytics to proprietarily source middle-market deals, conduct due diligence, create value after acquisition and, finally, build an exit plan.

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Extended Operating Partner Network

We have an extensive and nimble network of seasoned operating partners who have been CEOs and founders of companies and highly-skilled associates and analysts with exceptional pedigrees and work experiences in a number of tech and industrial sectors.

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Investor Briefings

An investor briefing is an opportunity for CEOs/owners of middle-market companies considering a sale to present to EGP ‘s general partner investors. Our firm has a strong backing of limited partner investors including single and multi-family offices and accredited high net worth investors.

During an investor briefing, information predominantly flows from the management team to the investor.  EGP has full discretion whether or not to accept an investor briefing request.

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Elevation Gained Partners’ founder and operating executives have decades of experience operating businesses, increasing cash flow, improving operations, advising companies of various sizes, sourcing deals and raising capital.


Roger Nauth

Managing Director


Advises CEOs and private equity investors on growth, value creation, investment thesis, and exit planning and leads private equity efforts. Experience in technology, industrial, energy and private equity markets.

MBA Finance, Babson

MS, Applied Analytics, Columbia

BA, Boston University


Kevin Dutt



Advises EGP on commercial due diligence and operational value creation. Deep operational and investment expertise in industrial, and technology energy sectors, from start-ups to Fortune 100 businesses.

MBA, Boston University

BSE, Princeton University


Bonnie Pierce

Senior Advisor


Advises firm on business development and family office relationships. Operating experience in cybersecurity and financial services sectors and investment and advisory experience in ventures and Fortune 100 companies.

MBA, Columbia Business School
MBA, London Business School

MA/BA, Boston University


Ryan Kunsich

Senior Advisor


Advises on operational and financial due diligence. Deep expertise in NextGen IoT and Construction Technology sectors. Extensive operating and M&A deal-making experience in Fortune 1000 and start-up businesses.

MBA/MS, University of Colorado

BS, University of Northern Colorado


Felix Odigie

Senior Advisor


Advises on deal sourcing, due diligence and advanced analytics capabilities. Extensive NextGen technology background, including leading cloud, cybersecurity and SaaS software buy-outs and venture development.

MBA Finance, Wharton / UPenn

MS/BS, Northeastern University


Heberto Limas

Senior Associate


Directs proprietary deal generation platform design and implementation, valuation and due diligence. Background in investment banking and debt capital markets. Deep expertise in technology and industrial sectors.

MPP, Harvard Kennedy School

BS Economics, University of Colorado

Companies Where We Have Worked & Schools Where We Studied

Our leadership team and senior advisors have worked for some of the top consulting firms, investment banks, technology and industrial companies in the world. We have also trained at a diverse set of universities and colleges.